Many men who suffer from hair loss and the subsequent loss of self-confidence often turn to hair transplant procedures as a solution. These individuals invest time and effort into researching different hair transplant methods available. DHI Hair Transplantation, which stands for Direct Hair Implantation, is one such method that has emerged in recent years.

Differences Between DHI Hair Transplantation And Other Methods

It is important to differentiate the DHI hair transplantation process from other methods, such as FUT and FUE. In FUT, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area, typically the back of the scalp, and implanted into the recipient area. In contrast, FUE uses a punch tool to extract individual follicle units, which are then implanted into the recipient area. DHI Hair Transplantation, on the other hand, involves the use of a patented tool that allows each donor graft to be placed into a pen and transplanted directly into the recipient area without the need for incisions. Additionally, robotic haircutting systems can be used to determine the depth and angle of each hair follicle during the procedure, a process known as robotic follicular unit extraction.


Are You A Good Candidate For DHI Hair Transplantation?

As with any transplantation method, DHI Hair Transplantation procedures require certain suitability conditions. As Starlet Clinic, we assess your eligibility for DHI hair transplantation and develop treatment plans based on your preferences to help you choose the best transplantation method for yourself. Below are the criteria for being a good candidate for DHI Hair Transplantation:

Unlike other methods, the donor hair for DHI hair transplantation is taken from various regions in the patient’s head area based on hair coverage, with higher density levels than others. DHI hair transplantation is highly suitable for patients experiencing hair loss in a single area, as it provides very high and intense hair transplantation with the use of this technique. The DHI technique has an age limit, and it can only be applied to patients aged 18 and above. This technique is ideal for straight hair, although it can also be used comfortably in thin and curly hair types in some cases.

How Does DHI Hair Transplantation Technique Work for Women?

The DHI Hair Transplantation technique is not limited to men, as women can also benefit from this procedure. The focus is on improving the appearance of the hair, regardless of gender, as hair loss affects both sexes. While some cosmetic products may offer temporary solutions for women, a DHI Hair Transplantation provides a permanent solution for a better-looking mane.

Step-by-Step DHI Hair Transplantation Procedure

The initial stage involves analyzing the patient’s hair and determining the appropriate technique based on the findings and the patient’s preferences. This preparation stage is crucial to ensure the success of the procedure.

The second phase is when the local anesthesia is applied, and the patient’s readiness for surgery is confirmed. This stage takes approximately five minutes to complete.

The third phase entails harvesting grafts from the donor area and inserting them into the DHI pen. The donor area is selected based on its ability to provide the necessary grafts.

The final stage involves transplanting the hair follicles into the recipient areas. The surgeon meticulously creates tiny channels on the scalp, where the follicles are implanted. This last stage requires fine work to achieve optimal results, and once completed, the DHI Hair Transplantation procedure is finished.

The Recovery Process Following DHI Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantion procedures can be carried out using the DHI technique, which has the advantage of a faster recovery time compared to other methods, making it a popular choice among patients. It takes about a week for the small crusts on the skin to shed, while shock hair loss occurs around three weeks after the procedure. It’s essential that patients follow the doctor’s instructions during this time and not panic, as it’s a normal process that requires patience. Hair growth typically begins within three months after the procedure.

Benefits of the DHI Hair Transplantation Technique

The DHI technique is advantageous in terms of providing a healthier transplantation of hair tissue than other methods. Unlike other methods, no incisions are required. The technique is highly controlled, ensuring that hair follicles are implanted at the correct depth, angle, and direction, and there are minimal risks associated with this method.

Who is Eligible for the DHI Hair Transplantation Procedure?

Individuals with severe hair loss or those who have experienced significant hair fall over a prolonged period can apply for DHI Hair Transplantation. Those interested in undergoing this procedure can contact Starlet Clinic and schedule an appointment.

Advantages of the DHI Hair Transplantation Technique

The DHI Hair Transplantation technique offers several advantages over other methods. One of the main benefits is that it provides a healthier transplantation of hair tissue. Additionally, unlike other methods, DHI does not require incisions. The level of control over the depth, angle, and direction of hair follicles is also much higher with this technique, reducing the risks associated with the procedure.

Factors Affecting DHI Hair Transplantation Prices

Several factors can affect the prices of DHI Hair Transplantation procedures. One crucial factor is the number of grafts required, which can vary depending on the patient’s hair density and the size of the recipient area. Generally, the more grafts that need to be Transplantation, the higher the price will be.

Another essential element is the doctor or surgeon performing the procedure. As Starlet Clinic, our experienced team of surgeons strives to provide the best service possible to our patients, and our success rate reflects this.

Finally, the Starlet Clinic where the hair transplantation is performed can also affect the cost of the procedure. Professional clinics that adhere to the latest standards and technologies may charge more than others. However, as Starlet Clinic, we provide the best service for our patients at competitive prices.

If you are considering a DHI hair Transplantation or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website.

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